We look after various buildings over the lower mainland. We deal with many property management companies and strata councils. We are always looking after the interests of our Strata's and Property Managers.  We are MORE than just a typical mechanical contractor.  Most Mechanical contractors think looking after a Strata building is a license to print money. Others think doing the bare minimum is enough. Our way is the right way of doing building maintenance. We Formed this way by seeing both spectrum's first hand.

The companies which think of strata buildings as a license to print money will require their technicians to find something wrong  each maintenance. Some of them also reward their techs with bonuses with who found the most repairs per month. This mentality is wrong and costs the strata's TONS of money. It also instills a mentality in the head that the technician MUST find something each maintenance. Many of the repairs they write up are not required or do not make sense as the equipment does not have many years left in the first place.

At Atmosphere AC  Systems we have programmed a new mindset into our techs. Honesty and hard work are what this company was built on. After every maintenance the Strata and Property manager get a report which states the condition of each piece of equipment. We thoroughly check everything on each piece of equipment. It all gets recorded on our report. If a repair is required after a maintenance. We put together a quote with the level of urgency required.

This is helpful as you may have a former repair which is more urgent. This helps our customers with budgeting. If something is all of a sudden reported as a urgent. There has to be a cause or a reason behind this repair. The strata or property manager can refer to their last few maintenance reports and see that we recorded the condition each maintenance getting worse or they can simply ask what changed.

Our guys live in buildings controlled by strata's. We look after each building like it was our own.  As a condo owner would we want to pay for that unnecessary repair? "No"  How would we feel if someone told us we needed to pay a large sum of money for a repair that is not necessary for years.  Our job is not only to maintain a building but to educate our customers. We are the specialists but our customers rely on us to give them honest and trustworthy news.

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